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Before Jeremy became a host for MTV and reporter for WCBS & E! news, he started his hosting career with many different online streaming entertainment shows in NYC. Jeremy has mastered the art of making people talk freely about themselves in a fun and unpredictable environment.

One of Jeremy's proudest achievements was working with Mark Cuban & Ryan Seacrest Productions as a Host & Producer to launch the AXSLIVE television show in New York City.


With his electric personality, amazing energy and ability to make every situation a great one there is nothing Jeremy cannot accomplish. Jeremy's major goals are to enjoy life, listen to good music, and look important while he is on his iPHONE. Jeremy creates & produces online programming, for brands such as Sprite, The Home Depot, Atlantic Records, and many others. Jeremy has also become a music, celebrity, and pop culture expert so networks such as VH-1 and E! news hire Jeremy to comment on there countdown specials. Jeremy is also an amazing live event host that has worked with companies from Budweiser to Habitat For Humanity to make each event electric! If you haven't figured it out yet, Jeremy's mission is to enjoy every moment and bring you along for the ride!

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