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Mixing Up Harmonies

Across the Pond with Beth Smith

Have you ever looked at US bands or artists in the US charts and wondered if there’s a British band similar, so that you can enjoy even more good music? YES? Then do not worry, I am here to guide you through artists and bands so you can have the ultimate Across the Pond playlist. 

To kick off, let’s start with girl power – I’m talking like Spice Girls level girl power (I’m so sorry if some of you have no idea who the Spice Girls are but they were also a super girl band and you need to check them out) 

Make way for Little Mix and Fifth Harmony!

Little Mix and Fifth Harmony have been subject to some brutal comparison articles from media outlets before “Who wore it better Little Mix or Fifth Harmony?”, “Which band is better Fifth Harmony or Little Mix” and “Which band is sexier Little Mix or Fifth Harmony?” Stop. Just. Stop. Worry not my OMGOSS!P reader, I’m not here to do that, I am all positivity vibes and building each other up is important to me – Beth has got you. 

Let’s get to it… 

Little Mix, a British four piece girl band and Fifth Harmony a five piece US girl band are both ex X Factor contestants of the UK and US X Factor shows, respectively. Both bands have huge fan bases all over the world and both bands have some epic songs on my playlists. 

Realistically, other than the obvious girl group title they both have, the X Factor is number one on the list of similarities. Fifth Harmony and Little Mix were both previously on the X Factor making them pretty popular from day one of their careers. Little Mix came first on the UK X Factor on series 8 of the show in 2011, they won the show and released single ‘Cannonball’. In the second season of the X Factor, Fifth Harmony was born but not during the audition phase, all the girls initially auditioned successfully as solo artists and judges Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell made the decision to turn them into one super girl group. 

I feel it’s a safe call to make on both bands when I say that they both fit comfortably and firmly into the pop genre when it comes to their catchy, wonderful music that has you dancing like an idiot and singing into a hairbrush (you know that I am not the only one doing this, I’m just the first to admit it!) Both bands have been very successful with their albums, Fifth Harmony have released 2 albums and both albums have gone Gold with the Recording Industry Association of America, similarly Little Mix have 3 albums with number 4 on the way very soon – all three of their current albums have gone platinum so far with the British Phonographic Industry.

It’s not just about the music for all of these musical queens, the girls all seem to be pretty passionate about charity and helping other people. Little Mix and Fifth Harmony are both part of multiple charities including both bands working closely with PETA in different Animal protection campaigns. Similarly, charity for children does not go unnoticed for both bands with fundraising activities through multiple organisations being headlined and advertised by both bands. What can I say? They both have generous hearts within their respective groups!  

Being similar in music genre does not mean to say that one band is better than the other, nor does it mean to say that the two bands are the same – each band presents their unique brand in a different way to the other for example, collectively in our band comparison we have NINE women who are all individuals with different voices, style, personality, likes and dislikes and that counts for something, right?

We live in a society where we think what we love has to be better than anybody else and that, to me, is just a deep pit of unhappiness and it’s important to appreciate everything. Why can’t you love both?! So to you I say, if you love Fifth Harmony or Little Mix – Download the other onto your playlist, jam out to a mix of harmonies, be your own personal DJ and welcome one another into your different fan bases to create ultimate girl power, girl band love. Maybe one day Fifth Harmony and Little Mix could join forces and create a super girl band for a powerful duet?