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Top 5 US TV Actors

Across the Pond with Beth Smith

US TV shows are always on my TV ranging from classic Friends episodes with Jennifer Anniston to the psychological twists and turns of American Horror Story with Lady Gaga. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite actors and actresses and the roles that I love them in the most. This list could have gone on forever so be prepared for my top 5 favourite actors and the TV shows you should be looking out for too.


 1.    Jesse Tyler Ferguson in Modern Family

At number one, my all-time favourite TV actor is Jesse Tyler Ferguson, the modern family actor is an LGBT activist, brilliant actor and fierce redhead. Jesse’s passion for the choice of who to love radiates through his character portrayal of Mitch in Modern Family and in real life let’s face it Jesse and husband Justin are goals! 

2. Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a show I eagerly wait for every season and who better to have as a leading role than Jim Parsons? I love Jim Parsons and his character Sheldon Cooper on the show. Why? Because the character progression through the show has been magnificent and Jim’s ability to be consistent in his portrayal of Sheldon’s little quirks is something that quite
often slips after a long run of a TV show.

3. Kerry Washington in Scandal

I’m so new to Scandal (and also very, very late) and I’ve been missing out. Kerry Washington is phenomenal, I’ve never seen such a natural actress quite like her and she’s absolutely gorgeous in the outfits she wears during filming. It’s great to see a female black actress on the small screen leading diversity and being crazy talented in what she does. Kerry’s character Olivia Pope is pretty bad ass too, a feminist who argues the double standards faced by women and Kerry herself isn’t too far from Olivia. Kerry won the Vanguard GLAAD award in 2014 and was nominated for a GALECA amongst her multiple achievements. 

4. Mark Harmon in NCIS

Mark Harmon is proving that age is just a number, despite society’s fixation on age and acting, in the action filled TV series NCIS. The show has been running in the US since 2003 and has inspired two spin off series in its long run. With consistent viewer ratings each week we can only assume that Mark Harmon plays a huge part in people continuing to tune into the show. Earlier today I was innocently scrolling through news about Mark and NCIS on Facebook and the comments section was blowing up with negative comments about Mark’s age and how he’s getting “too old” for the franchise. Society’s perceptions of age are clearly warped as Mark slates all with his ability to continue his role in NCIS. You’re only as old as you feel, age is just a number and shame on age shamers!  

5. Kardashian and Jenner girls in Keeping Up with the Kardashians

I can hear the screaming through the internet already – the Kardashian and Jenner girls aren’t characters, Beth! – Right? You are totally right but hear me out… When I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, aside from the sisterly drama, the girls radiate their straight up, no shit attitude and it gives me life. The absolute adoration the girls have for one another is heart-warming, despite the sisterly drama (I’m a bigger sister, sibling drama happens and it’s messy) With all the haterade being poured around the world and these silly women V women fights over “who wore it better” or “who is the biggest hoe” it’s nice to watch a show where sisters have actually got each other’s back at the end of the day, through thick and thin. Speaking from experience, siblings fight and will tear one another to shreds but you have their back and typically your poorly chosen words and actions come from a good place because you want your sibling to do well and be the best person that they can. (Not always, sometimes you’re just tired of their BS but you feel super guilty when you step way over the line)

Whilst reality TV is not everybody’s cup of tea and the roll eye that the Kardashian and Jenner name gets I think it’s about damn time we looked at the positives these girls can bring us. With millions upon millions of people throwing shade at these girls when they just know their name and face it’s sweet to see the girls sticking together and I absolutely feel that the world would be a better place if people also had the same sisterly vibes. So, while they’re not characters, they are in theory TV personality faves and I can feel their sassy vibes all the way across the pond.