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who is: Joanne "the scammer"?

For a few months now, social media has been flooding with hilarious videos of Joanne The Scammer. Joanne has been seen riding around town with new bestie Amber Rose, scamming stores in Beverley Hills, and even made an appearance on the VMA red carpet back in August!

Who is the face behind the blonde-wigged woman you ask? She is no other than comedian Branden Miller. Back in 2015, Branden posted a video to Twitter wearing a messy blonde bob wig telling the world, “I’m a real messy b*tch- a liar, a scammer.” From there, Joanne the Scammer was born. The 25 year old has painted this online personality to be a transgender, trouble making, scamming diva who lives for drama. 

Joanne’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are nothing but pure comedy and mess. In many videos and pictures, the diva is seen hacking, lying, cheating, and scamming. Some find the videos outrageously funny while others find her character to be empowering. Keep an eye out for Branden Miller’s alter ego daily on social media. You might even catch her in scamming action in a city near you!