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Kylie jenner: surgical or all natural?

Over the years, the Kardashian Clan have been accused any and every plastic surgery procedure you can think of. But, is it a coincidence that Kylie Jenner has been looking very curvaceous and booty-licous? Some say the youngest Jenner has gotten a boob job and even some butt implants! 

Now who can we turn to dead some of these rumor but Kylie herself….. Over this weekend, Kylie and BFF Stass, took to her app to address many of the plastic surgery rumors that have been brewing, ranging from her butt implants, breast implants, to her nose job.

In Kylie’s recent app video, she thanks her 16-pound weight gain for her new found curviness. “I used to be 120. I told everyone,” she confessed. “Now I’m pushing like 136. But, it’s alright, I like the chunkiness,” Kylie says about her growing curves.

Given the Kardashian’s track record, do we believe Kylie and give her and her growing curves a pass or do we disagree? The question remains… Is Jenner surgical or all natural??