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Whose baby is it anyways?

Rumors, screen shots, and pictures surfaced around this week of Blac Chyna and her alleged infidelity with ex-friend Pilot Jones. Mysterious photos were leaked of the two kissing… Now hold on a second. Do we just randomly kiss our ex-friends?! But, could this baby possibly be Pilot’s kid? Or maybe this all a PR stunt a week before Chyna’s due date and the return of KUWTK? Hmm…

But, Chyna certainly doesn’t play when it comes to her name, brand, or her family! The mommy-to-be took to Instagram for a major clap back. According to Blac Chyna, the pictures were actually taken some time ago to get Pilot’s boyfriend (at the time) jealous. A huge PLOT TWIST there. She even claims he leaked the pictures to get back at her for his missing cut of Chymoji.

Screen shots don’t lie Mr. Jones… Looks like we’re taking Chyna’s side on this. Never come for a mother because you’re just gonna get burned. And in the words of Blac Chyna…. ‘CHYNA LIVES FOR THE COMMUNITY!’