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Little boys usually light up when Dad comes along to pick them up at the park. Unfortunately that wasn't the case for Julian, the son of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton. The six year old pleaded to his nanny and anybody who would listen to call the police on his father -- witnesses claim. 

The nanny, or Paula's housekeeper in some accounts, eventually placed the call to 911. 

"We need you guys to just intervene because we have a court order document that the child doesn’t want to go with his father, he doesn’t have to go, and now it’s enforced--

-- We have a restraining order, the person is within distance of the restraining order, he’s in violation of it currently. This child is literally begging me and everyone else to call 911. That’s how much he does not want to go..."

"He was not in violation of the restraining order,” a Thicke source continues. “Robin never left his designated spot while waiting for Julian. He’s followed the same protocol they follow every single week, and that time and location and protocol was agreed to by both parties.”

OMGOSSIPERS What do you think of all this drama, should Julian be forced to see his dad?