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What's the hold-up WWE?!

Gold medalist and pro wrestler Kurt Angle appeared on OMGOSSIP's March
15th episode, and shared everything from his struggles with drugs, to
his upcoming induction to the WWE's Hall of Fame.

Though I'm extremely happy for the athlete. It leaves a lonely blogger
like me wondering... What about Chyna?

Chyna was the first woman to professionally compete and hold her own
against her male counterparts, she was the first to participate in the
wrestling company's Royal Rumble & King of the Ring competitions, and
finally the first woman to challenge for the WWE title. Though she
would never win it, Chyna, did earn the Intercontinental Champion more
then once in her career with the company.

Yet still no mention of inducting her to the hall of fame. Chyna past
away last year, and though WWE "honored" her with a itty bitty
segment. It only left the fans wanting more!

OMGOSSIPERS what do you think the hold up is? Can the Mcmahon's be
really still upset with the deceased wrestling superstar?