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Now that "Beauty and The Beast" is finally playing, everybody is buzzing about the Power Ranger movie. The newly updated take of the successful original story is due this Friday in theaters. 

And while most of us fans from the original series can't wait to sit down and feel nostalgic for two hours. There's something about Trini, the yellow ranger, you should know! 

Trini might be gay this time around! Not that it's a bad thing. Frankly it's a breath of fresh air for a blogger and screenwriter like myself. It saddens and makes me scream at the television every time the LGTB community is given roles from the bottom of the recycling bin. But now some of us can rejoice and say we have our first gay onscreen superhero. 

When it comes to gay roles -- we're either a joke, flamboyant, sick with HIV, beat-up/killed, or battling with our self image or sexuality. Not everything is an upcoming battle people. Half of the battles that the LGTB community endure are the ones society have created for them.

I'll be thirty-one this year, and sadly, I still haven't see one gay character that I've personally related to. 

With biopics an exemption, Hollywood really really doesn't push for well developed gay characters. I hope the new Trini played this time around by Becky G will drive a change in this familiar format. 

Hollywood needs to grasp that gay characters can be and do anything as well as their heterosexual counterparts. We can be super heroes, land on the moon, solve crimes... at this point we'd even make great villains!! But for crying out loud, stop killing us off or using us as your personal stand up comediennes. I get it, I get -- we're funny. 

OMGOSSIPERS do you feel the yellow ranger being gay is a positive change for the film/television industry?