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Celebrity married couple Vincent Herbert & Tamar Braxton better get the stepping and release her new album. Because if Sony label has it their way, Vince's going to have to pay a hefty sum to the entertainment empire.

Sony has filed for a default judgement against Herbert after he allegedly failed to show up and respond to allegations that he backed out of a deal with them in court. The company alleges that they paid Vincent $5 million dollar in advance to do a job.

Herbert's duties was to sign at least two new artist a year, but after signing his wife, Tamar Braxton -- Interscope Records who was supposed to be directed by Braxton's husband to pay Sony was told to not send anymore payments.

According to Sony they have only $1,528,315, and now they want the rest of their money back!

OMGOSSIPERS do you think Vince should pay up?