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The time has come, the new TLC album has a release day! And according to Wendy Williams it'll be in June. 

After starting a kickstarter campaign two years ago asking for fan support. The R&B divas were able to raise over $400,000 from 4000 of their eager fans and peers. Sadly many thought the group had scam them when the album never came to fruition.

Their manager, Bill Diggins, updated and assured fans that the album is in fact on its way. He released their lengthy respond to the matter: 

"Let me explain why this album has taken longer than expected. When we decided to do the album, it was based on a number of emotional decisions and one of the biggest was how you inspired T-Boz and Chilli by your emails and texts asking them to do another album."

He then shared, at the time of the Kickstarter's conception, there was no music yet created for them to build off of, and touring schedules, among other things, resulted in the delay.

"...The simple fact is that T-Boz and Chilli were inspired to make a record that they could be proud of and they would not settle for less and sometimes you just cannot rush art," Diggins adds. "They demanded of themselves a record that would stand up to the great body of work created in the past and that you would be proud of; because your belief and support is the greatest form of love and we want you to be proud."

OMGOSSIPERS will you be buying the new TLC album without Left Eye?