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Can a Woman play a Man?

Walter Hill's new thriller " The Assignment" starring Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver has been under fire since it's conception. In the film Rodriguez play a spy by the name Frank Kitchen. Yes Michelle is playing a man!

A man who is abducted and forced by an evil doctor (Weaver) to go under gender reassignment surgery. The premise for the film was created over 40 years ago in what originally was a short story. When the news broke in 2016 about the film the Trans community became very vocal about their disapproval of the extreme plot point that they feel can easily exploit their lives and just the true essence of what a Transgender person is.

Hill stated that Frank is not transgender, but that “he’s forced into a body into which he does not identify with.”

"...while the film may not be portraying a trans woman, per se, it is still portraying some of the essential experiences of trans women, and doing so in a way that is inaccurate, trivializing, and deeply harmful" writes blogger Mari Brighe.

OMGOSSIPERS do you find any offense to the new movie?