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It should come to no surprise to the ladies or fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta, that Phaedra Parks is a big fat liar ! Which reminds me that Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end this summer. Ms. Parks is after all an attorney. Who are all known to be the best liars of the world. On Sunday the ladies and host Andy Cohen closed the season with the part 3 to their reunion part 3 we learned that Phaedra was not only behind the initial closeted lesbian degrading of Kandi, but she was also the culprit behind spreading -- The "Marvin" rumor, the Kandi and Shamea hooking up rumor, getting Kandi sued by an ex employee, all while having Porsha do most of the evil bidding and delivery.


Shugs... all in a days work ladies, all in a days work.  


OMGOSSIPERS did you think it was about time Phaedra was exposed for spreading lies and using Porsha ?